Reptile Master

Full length album out 23 october on vinyl, cd and digital!





Filled with a passion for everything evil, Reptile Master from Tromsø/ northern Norway is on a mission to spread the gospel of doom. With strong roots in both traditional heavy metal, post-metal and sludge, they create a new sound composed of the outermost extremes found in aggression and sorrow.


Written about Reptile Master:

A performance by REPTILE MASTER is like entering a subconscious chapel within your mind; an immovable religious procession geared towards the sickest of the lowlifes, an excessive, staggering feeling of spiritual suffocation. In short, REPTILE MASTER is as heavy in their music as they are in their concept. An absurd amount of bass comes crashing through the venue’s walls until it reaches your innards and liquefies them, filling your lungs and your heart with the sonic equivalent of painfully retching blood. Hymns are long, tortured and absolutely inexorable. Any so-called ´music expert´ would have a hard time labelling the band’s music beyond the words doom and heart-wrenching sorrowful hate. In practice though, REPTILE MASTER’s music is like a sublime doom scraped from virtually all of its metallic embellishments. The procession is slow, and the performers’ screams are vile and bone chilling. Without any silly metallic gimmick, the band presents the vilest face of ordinary evil you’re likely to ever encounter. Bend your knee, bow your neck and offer yourself completely to your sinister destiny: Your doom.


The band:

Markus Kjelstrup Andreassen - Guitar

Nicolay Tufte Østvold – Bass/ Vocals

Steinar Haugan - Drums

Øystein Midtgård Johansen - Guitar

Rolf Ole Rydeng Jenssen – Bass/Vocals


Earlier releases:

- Hoist the Bell (Reptile Master) Digital EP 2014




Previous gigs:

- Buktafestivalen 2014

- TIFF (Tromsø international Film Festival) - silent film project (Lucifer Rising)

- Tromsø Silent-film festival - silent film project (Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)

- Blues for the red sun #1 w/Momentum, Vidunder, Warp Riders.

- Last Train Oslo w/Hymn

- Bastard Bar w/Barren Womb, Jabba.

- Bastard Bar w/ Hymn

- Chateu neuf- silent movie (Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) May 2015.

Øya Festivalen 2015

Tromsø Silent-film festival - silent film project (Cave of the Spider Women)